From panic to perfect

From panic to perfect

You know that feeling.  That, “Get in the car.  We need to go.”  Yeah.  That was yesterday.  I had a crazy, busy work day.  Up at 530 am to get snacks prepped, house ready, Jakob ready, myself ready, and out the door.  Poor little guy, Jakob, was sound asleep, which has one benefit- sleep dressing.  Got him dressed quickly, quick run down with our amazing nanny who’s doing bus for the big boys, and we’re off to the races.  Quick drop of Jakob to pre-school and I can begin my work day.  Wait?  Wasn’t that just a full day?  LOL.

So, off on a 2.5 hr drive to outside Washington D.C. for a customer meeting and back home again.  Squeeze in a few more hours of work & CRAP- we have to go!  Lukas!  “Get in the car.  We need to go.”  I grab my bag, Lukas’ water, snacks, a soccer ball, whatever else I can conceive of, check that he has 2 shin guards, 2 cleats, 2 socks, and a ball.  Can you tell I’ve been to this rodeo?  And, we’re off!  First stop, Jakob’s daycare.  Then, we’re on our way to soccer tryouts.  Thankfully, again, our awesome nanny is handling Colin’s soccer as laws of physics don’t allow me to be in 2 places at once.

Registration.  Crap.  “Lukas?  Can you fill out a form on my phone?”  Lukas: “No.”  Me: “You can do it, buddy.”  Lukas: “Ummm.  Okay.”  So, I hand my iPhone to Lukas and there he goes on his first registration.  “How do I do the date?”  “What’s alternate?”  “Are you 13 or older?” And, on and on.  He does a a great job.  Then, I hear a ding.  It’s my gas light.  I feel a pit in my stomach.  I have a flashback to this morning at my customer meeting… of putting my wallet in my work bag.  CRAP.  I look in my bag.  Yup.  No wallet.

Adrenaline.  Fear.  Panic.  Self doubt.  Sadness.  Emotions rush over me like wildfire.  How did I leave without my wallet?  How are we going to get home?  Am I going to ask a stranger for gas money?  How am I going to complete registration without a credit card?

JOE!  I call my husband.  He’s in Germany, but he could at least help with the registration and credit card piece.  No answer.  Great.  Ahhhhh… More panic.  Hmmmm.  Who do I know near here?  Wait.  Westtown road?  Lori and Justin!  Text Lori at a red light.  “Hey,  r u home?”  Great.  That was weird.  Oh.  Yes!  She is.  I call and explain my predicament.  She’s right around the corner from soccer and can help me out  with my gas situation.  Phew.

Wait.  Registration.  Ahhhh!  I call Bonnie, Grandma.  I explain my bizarre situation and Grandma to the rescue!  We make it to soccer with 5 minutes to spare.  It’s absolutely gorgeous out.  And, Lori has invited us over for the kids to play and WINE.  Yes, I do believe I NEED a glass of wine.

And, after soccer, we went over to our friend’s house and had an amazing night full of kids playing, laughing, shoveling, more soccer, slides, motorized vehicles, Easter candy, delicious fritatta, doritos, pineapple, chicken, corn, espresso, chatting, etc.  Somehow the universe turned a crappy situation into an amazing night with great friends.  I love me here!

So, what did I learn from this situation?

1- Everything is not going to be perfect, go smoothly, or go as planned.  I know that sounds simple.  But, really think about that.  I think we assume it will.  Assume it won’t.  Be ready to be ready.

2- Feeling is okay.  Feel scared.  Feel afraid.  Feel embarrassed.  Accept it.  You’re human.  But, it doesn’t need to paralyze you.  Know that you can get yourself to a better situation.

3- Do something!  It’s going to feel awkward.  It’s going to be outside of your comfort zone.  But, would you rather be stuck in a state of CRAP or moving out of the CRAP.

4- Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  This is a weird one for me.  I love to help others, but don’t like the reverse.  Guess what?  Your friends and family want to help.  Don’t be silly.  Ask.  Of course, repay the favor, pay it forward, etc.  Karma has a way of working things out.

xoxo, crazyfitbizmomma

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