Do YOU Pass or Fail the Test?

Do YOU Pass or Fail the Test?

Fact or Fiction? Show or Real? How do you know the difference? Especially on social media…

Here’s how. You believe someone you know, like, and trust. I’m going to go out on a limb and presume that for you that’s me as you’re reading this post. If that’s not the case, move on to the next post in the internet ether.

What’s this picture? It’s our family watching fireworks this summer on the beach. BUT, that’s not all. It represents what matters most to me- my family & being¬†able to spend time with them. It represents us having FUN. It represents us bonding and chatting. These things, you may say the little things, are what matter most.

How can you get more of these things? How can you get more time? How can you get more flexibility? How can you reduce stress so you can be emotionally present, not just physically?

First, answer these questions:

1- Would you like to set your own hours & work from home or anywhere you choose?

2- Would you like to choose your own salary- from spending money to mortgage payment to full-time income?

3- Would you like a turn-key business with your own website, no inventory, amazing new products, global expansion, stellar training, the #1 brand?

4- Would you like to join a coach with a proven success record with corporate accolades, promotions, sales awards, and team building awards?

5- Are you driven? Are you a go-getter? Are you ready for a change and have the grit & passion to make it happen?

Let’s make this easy. Tally your YES votes. See the chart below for your next step.

5- WOW. You’re a great fit. Let’s chat & get you started.
4- Great. You seem super interested. Time for a talk.
3- Sounds like this caught your intention.
2- Hmmm. Some of this resonated. Any questions for me?
1- Meh. Sounds like you can move on to the next post.

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