About Me

About Me

Crazyfitbizmomma, do tell.  So, I am a super high energy, adventure-loving, multi-tasking, over-achieving, family and friend-loving crazy woman.  I have 3 amazing boys, a loving husband, and gobs of amazing family, friends, and colleagues who fill my life with laughter, love, challenges, and surprises.  My husband and I have busy, rewarding careers that both involve lots work, challenge, and travel.  In addition to the travel I do for my career, we love to travel for pleasure. In 2010, I added triathlete to my resume and love sharing this passion with friends and family and anyone who will listen.  Most recently, I added entrepreneur to the list.  What’s next?

Crazyfitbizmomma is a culmination of my crazy, multi-dimensional life.  I’d love to have you join me on this adventure.  And, I love engaging and sharing together.  I love the vibe from the tribe!  I’ve decided to create a blog that captures these crazy, fun moments in life to share and engage with you.

My latest adventure is my business venture in premium skincare.  Yes, you heard that right.  Sporty Spice, Business Barbi is now also an entrepreneur.  What should I rename my Barbi?  LOL.  I was skeptical, at first, about changing my proven beauty routine.  Who isn’t?  Can you relate to that?  But, man, am I glad that I did.  I’m 41 years old and, now, have the best skin of my life.  As if that’s not enough, I’ve discovered a great business model that fits into my busy life.  I am not kidding.  It fits in.  Previously, I was a wantrepreneur.  Now, I’m an entrpreneur- just like that.  I’m excited.  I’m blessed.  I’m on the move.  Woohoo!

I love your feedback and suggestions, especially when they’re sweet, intriguing, inspiring, and down-right hilarious. Use my Contact Me page to connect with me, laugh with me, or just tell me to, “Rock On!”

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